8 Steps for Crisis Communications

8 Steps for Crisis Communications
8 Steps for Crisis Communications

If you are interested in crisis communications, you have to come to the right place. I am going to give you 10 quick steps to handling crises with your communications skills.

Step 1: Anticipate the crisis

You must always be prepared for the worst but of course hoping for the best!

Step 2: Identify your team

You must know whom you are working with in order for a successful outcome! You cannot handle a crisis on your own so you need to know who your team is to prepare to work together.

Step 3: The training process

Train your team. Crises need particular verbal skills and training in order to handle any situation!

Step 4: Stabilize your company

Now that you have trained your team everything is almost ready to go! You and your team can tackle any crisis without question. Be sure to tie up any loose ends and put processes in place to ensure that this crisis will not happen again.

Step 5: Develop communications methods

Develop some methods of communications that you all are comfortable with! Communication is key. Consider setting up an online company bulletin board or a Facebook page to keep employees in the know.

Step 6: Address the crisis

Address your crisis. Don’t panic! Follow the steps above to ensure that you and your team have everything under control.

Step 7: Handle with care

 Handle your crisis with care. Stay calm and work towards the best possible outcome.

Step 8: Wait for reaction

 Wait for the reaction and review missteps. Whether the outcome is good or bad, but hopefully good, you have conquered the crisis to the best of your ability!

In case you find yourself in any crisis, I hope these steps can help you out!

Jalyn Sanders






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