How Public Relations Professionals use Social Media

How Public Relations us social Media (2)Public Relations professionals use social media every day here are a few tips to help your brand.

Rule One: Be Brief. Don’t be Boring:

Boring doesn’t work on social media! It’s much better to modify your message in a way that your audience can care about. For an example click here

Rule Two.  Be Newsworthy:

Make sure your news is current.

Rule Three. Be Helpful:

Make friends in media through social networking. Connect with them via Facebook or Twitter with a note, “Have I got a great story for you!”

Rule Four.  Avoid getting lost in Facebook:  

Your posts and information should not be in the same news feeds as funny videos and tattoos. Facebook Groups are a great way to manage membership, relationships.

Rule Five.  Be Live: 

 When probable, someone from your team should respond directly to social media just in case of an emergency. Always monitor your account. For an example click here

Rule Six – Be Video Proficient:

Here is a guide from Mashable for PR pros on how to use YouTube the social media platform. Public relations are built on a foundation of communication.

For more information click here


Written by: Briana Stanley


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