What is Earned Media?

EARNED MEDIAEarned media is the result of public or media relations efforts. Advertising campaigns, events and the content that you create for your own media channel. People have been hiring Public Relations firms to reach out to the media in order to get them to write stories about their brands. When a person who is not a part of  your brand references you on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media channel, it’s earned media. Other types of earned media cover consumers social media posts, tweets, product reviews, videos, photos, and open dialogue within online communities. Hootsuite

Paid media, sometimes known as advertising, is a form of media that persuades an audiences to take some action in the form of radio ads, print ads, billboards, etc. Paid media initiatives typically target to your brand’s existing community and/or current customers. Someone, or some company is paying or getting paid to put out these ads for the public to receive.

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When addressing earned and paid media it is beneficial to know the pros and cons of each. According to the Iris Public Relations Software,one benefit of earned media is that it carries word-of-mouth credibility that paid advertising doesn’t.  A downfall of this could be that while reaching out to your primary targets through platforms such as social media,  your intended message could easily be taken out of your control.

The benefits of paid media is that you are able to convey a strong persuasive message while remaining in complete control of your intended message. The setback of using paid media is that it can be very costly and it also requires an extreme amount of creativity.

Want more pros and cons ? Click here ! (Iris Public Relations Software)


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